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Custom Logo Design Company

Custom Logo Design Company in the USA is specialized in Professional Custom logo design where every logo designer is working in-house to provide you best quality logo design within hours at cheap rates. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers. We are also assisting our clients with top-quality responsive web design services since 2007. Many reputed companies in the USA are now using our SEO and online marketing services. Please contact us to hire a Custom Logo Design USA for your needs.

Logo Design Company that Works

Every website we visit on the internet these days claims to be the best. When you are buying an online service like logo design, chances of getting ripped off are high. This article will guide you on how to avoid it. Let me tell you an interesting story before we talk about the logo design agency that works. In the early months of 2011, We had to hire a graphic designer on an urgent basis to handle extreme work overload. He only worked for two months and left our company. One of our senior graphic designers who he kept in touch with told us that he has his own online logo design website now. He downloaded a huge amount of graphic icons from the internet. Then wrote a company name on each icon and displayed it as his custom logo portfolio. Most of his clients received copyright claims for graphics used in their logo designs. Now you know how “Logo Design Agencies” are operating these days, let’s understand how to identify.

Portfolio of a Logo Design Company

The logo design agency that works must have a custom portfolio. Even a newbie who understands a little about design can differentiate between a custom design and a design template. Before you make a decision about placing an order, go take a look at their design portfolio. Place an order only if the design samples are custom made for real companies. The design pattern can also expose an agency. The real clients have different requirements for their logos. So if all the designs are in the same pattern then there is a clue for you.

Real People Speak Highly of Us

This is another tricky part to understand. Customer photos are the first thing to keep in mind while analyzing the reviews. Find out if the design company has included a real photograph of the relevant client. You can google the client’s name or other details to confirm the identity. The other most important factor is the wording used in a testimonial. People who have been in any business clearly understand the wording used by a customer. Its time to apply that knowledge and experience here.

Why Choose Us?

Sharp Delivery

For a custom logo design company, having a combination of creativity and experience in custom logo design is very important, there shouldn’t be a doubt about the super fast turnaround with quality at its peak. We understand what a short delay can cause in today’s competitive business market so, we are working 24/7 to serve you with top quality sharp services without compromising on our consistent level of elegance.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe our satisfied and happy customers are the best advertisement for us. If you have decided to choose us, we will assist you until you are fully satisfied with your logo design. And if for some reason you think that we have not been able to design a custom logo that you have expected, we will owe you a FULL refund without any processing charges which makes us a 100% risk free option.

Qualified Team

We have a huge and dedicated team of talented, creative, experienced and skilled in-house logo designers, sketchers, graphic designers, web designers and managers, biggest in the industry. We have searched for people who had dedicated their lives for custom logo designing industry. There is no doubt that we have cream of custom logo design talent.

Most Affordable

Earning more profit is not the only business goal when you are on a mission of becoming the best custom logo design company with thousands of satisfied customers being witnesses. Our basic logo design package starts from $99 in which you get 2 top quality unique custom logo options. You cannot get such superior quality logo design at this price anywhere other than custom logo design USA.

Jaw-dropping Portfolio

Custom Logo Design Company USA has designed thousands of eye catching and creative business logos for industries including finance, medical, corporate, travel, musical, restaurant, non profit, educational, design, construction, real estate, food and leisure. Our design portfolio is full of variety and class to impress our prospective clients.

Professional staff

Once you choose us, one of our professional logo design manager will get committed to assist you in every step of custom logo design process. Your logo design project will be his responsibility from start to a week after the delivery of final logo design files to make sure things are working fine for you even after the project is completed successfully.

Our Logo Design Process

Design Process - Quote


Don’t want to place an order because you have questions? No problem, click the Request Quote button to the left of your screen or fill a simple contact form to get in touch. One of our dedicated project managers will answer all your questions within 24 hours.

Design Process Order


Use our simple and easy logo design order form to place an order. Submitting the information takes you to the payment page to finalize your order. You can make a payment through Paypal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard & American Express.

Design Process Work and Communication


We start working on your design once the order is placed. We deliver the first set of professional and unique logo design concepts within 1-2 working days. You have right to ask for modifications until you are 100% satisfied with your logo design.

Design Process Completion


We deliver high quality high definition web and print ready final files of your finalized logo design. The source files for logo design are also included giving you a complete freedom and control over the future edits to your logo design.

3 Reasons You Need a Unique Custom Logo

You need a logo to represent your company that is a sure thing. But what do we mean by a unique logo? A house sign, door or a window shape is what we see in almost all the real estate logo designs. If you are a real estate startup owner and you get a similar logo design then how will your business stand out and how will they remember you? The simple answer is that you need a logo which is unique and easy to remember. Why we do all these efforts for a symbol that is going to become a face of our company?

  • It makes the company look professional and established
  • It builds trust
  • It is easy to remember
  • It explains what we do
  • It attracts more business

3 Reasons You Need a custom Designed Logo that Stands Out

1- Make an Impression

We spend thousands of dollars to market our businesses. We use several marketing methods to reach our potential customers. Once we reach the targeted audience, the first thing they are going to see is our logo. The competition is high and we are not the only choice the customer has. The only way we can make the first impression is through a unique logo. The logo that can make a killing first impression can build trust for our company before the marketing staff even knows it. This is where we leave others behind.

2- Leave the Competition Behind

You need a logo which tells a complete story why you are far better than your competitors. It is a fact that graphic designers adapt to modern design techniques and the design patterns start to look similar in every logo. You google to find a company that provides a particular service and you will notice that very few logos will stand out unique enough to grab your attention. This is what we need to avoid from happening to our logo because we do not want to get lost in the crowd.

3- Look Established

Your business earns as much as you build trust by looking big and professional. A unique logo on your business card and other marketing materials convinces a customer to trust you over the competition. It shows that you are committed to your business more than others that makes you look established.

Website Redesign / Facelift / Revamp Services

Basic Questions

How can I start the Process?

If you have questions you can click the Request Quote button to the left of your screen and fill a simple quote form. One of our dedicated project managers will answer all your questions within 24 hours. If you are sure about your design requirements just go to Order page and fill out the order form.

What modes of payment do you allow?

We accept all electronic methods of payment through Paypal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard & American Express.

How long should I wait after placing order?

We send the first set of unique custom logo design concepts within 1-3 working days.

How will I receive logo options?

You will receive an email with logo design options attached.

What if I want to modify 1 or 2 of design options?

No problem, just reply to the same email you received your design options in and we will modify the logo design as your instructions free to cost. You will have unlimited free revision.

What are the file formats I will receive once a logo is finalized?

Print an web ready final files will be sent in these formats. JPEG, PNG, AI, EPS, PSD, PDF

What If I am not happy/satisfied with the work?

You will get the full refund without any deductions.

Advance Questions

Do I own copyright for the logo you will design?

Absolutely, The artwork and design rights belong to you. You own the copyright for the logo design that you choose. We even provide you source files to give you full freedom and control over the future edits to the design.

What are corporate and illustration logos?

Corporate logos are simple, easily memorable and unique. All big brands prefer corporate logo design for its ability to target huge audience.

Illustration logos are complicated, rushy and lose quality when used in smaller size. Illustration logo design cannot create an impact due to complicated artwork.

Do you use logo templates?

As the name indicates, we design custom logos from scratch. We do not use any pre-designed logo templates.

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