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Brochure Design

The design of your brochure should be eye-catching and consistent with your branding; the right brochure design can convey a message of luxury or creativity making your products and services very attractive to potential clients and customers.
The two disciplines in creative brochure design are textual content and visual design. It’s very tempting to cram and fill your brochure with as much information as possible. Try to avoid this and make the real goal of your new brochure to get the reader to take action (contact you in some way through the brochure)

Please take a look at few of our brochure design work samples.

Brochure Design at Print Shop

All the designs that you see at the printing shop are pre-designed brochure templates that they display to all their customers to choose from. Imagine a prospective customer looks at your brochure design and realizes that he has already seen this exact design used by another business. Given above are custom brochure design examples that we have designed for our customers to promote their products or services.

Can I design my business brochure?

Sometimes, people try to design their own brochure in microsoft word or if they know a little photoshop and boy you can tell the difference. If you need it exactly the way you want it then just make a rough design and send it to our professional designers. We do not charge much for brochure design but we do guarantee professional unique, custom and high quality design.

Brochure Size and Design Style

If you think about it, an A4 size brochure is never going to fit into a mail box slot, even though this is a very standard sized brochure. You can still have an A4 brochure, but the trick is to design it as a 3 panel or tri-folded to DL. DL (210 x 99mm) will fit very nicely into a mailbox, and can also fit into a DL envelope which is the standard envelope size most people use. This could be very handy if you want to use the post to mail them out instead of dropping it off by hand as well.
Another standard sized brochure is A5 (half an A4). But we have found that although some mailboxes are wide enough to fit in an A5, many are not, and an A5 flyer will often have to be bent and squashed to fit in. This can really ruin the effect of a well designed brochure if it arrives to the potential customer all squished up.
So our advice, for mailbox drops send out DL brochure, or A4 folded to DL 3 panel, or if you really need to send out an A3 brochure, have it folded down to DL beforehand with the proper folding machines so that it still looks professional.

Confused about the design style? Get in touch with a design professional.

What we can do for your brochure design?

Brochure is one of the meaningful sources for promotion of business in a local market. If a brochure is designed in a suitable manner it can give a great impression of your business. Making and design a brochure is an art and you will find only few who have expertise in this creative work. Only the company having experience professionals can meet your requirements and can create brochure which qualify your criteria and also can attract your target clients.If you are searching for someone who can conceive and portray your idea for your business brochure, fortunately, you have reached at the right place. Custom Logo Design USA provides graphic designing services. We have a team of professional graphic designers who can create and generate some ingenious work for your brochure. We assure you about the some unique work with latest designing techniques and you have a business brochure with some prominent looks.

Custom Logo Design USA can provide all types brochure for you. Either bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochure or multi pages brochures. Our services are very reasonably charges and will not be a burden since meeting your entire requirement up to your satisfaction. Our expert designers are capable to create brochures for any kind of business. If you are doing business related to Medical Facility, School or University, Departmental store, Fast food, Gym or any other. We are confident that we can give you better than what you have thought for your business brochure.

We at Custom Logo Design USA are positive about provision of our best on your way. You can give us content related to you business and we make out of that. We are also sure that our services will be proven fruitful for your business. Please contact us at +1 (347) 343 4547 to place your order for business brochures. We ensure you about the best quality along-with affordability.

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