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Privacy Policy

Another important matter is to keep each other’s information confidential in a seller buyer relationship. Our logo design policy will make you understand the way we keep your privacy while working on your logo design.

Our Privacy Policy is about

Maintaining utmost secrecy of the information our clients have provided.
Using the information provided by our customers only to perfectly improve our services.
Understanding how important the information of our clients is. So, trying to make sure the information is not going to be used wrongly and not to damage their belief.
Describing how and when can we use the personal information of our clients and under what circumstances.
Putting on you to choose how you want us to collect your information.

Customer’s Information

The information includes your name, email, phone etc which is collected on different occasions like while contacting us or processing an order to maintain a record of your order so that we can serve you better in future.

Collection of Data

We collect data through employing the information you saved while processing the order. We send you emails to confirm your order and you can also send your queries via email. We don’t send promotional emails or newsletters very often regarding our site or services since, we know it becomes unethical sometimes. Yes, we may use this information to find out your interests, it helps us improving the look & feel and the experience our client had while purchasing from us.

Our Email Newsletters

Again, we do not want to disturb you with newsletters or promotional emails. We will just let you know if there would be something that we believe you might be interested in. Otherwise, no newsletters or promotional emails are part of our policy.

Sharing with 3rd party

We never share or transfer any information to 3rd parties nor do we sell any personal information of our clients to third parties under any circumstances. CustomLogoDesignUSA do not use insecure companies for order payment processing. The companies we use can never ever share, save or use any information of our clients and use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for encryption of your confidential data.

Our Policy to Issue a Refund

CustomLogoDesignUSA gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee to eliminate the risk of getting a low quality product and secures you to ask for a refund if for any reason, you think the design is not as good as you have expected. We provide unlimited revisions in all our custom logo design packages, so that you can ask us to modify your logo design as per your instructions.
After getting the first logo design options, if you think that the logo design is not meeting your requirements, you can ask us for refund.

Note: After a month or in case of feedbacks and revisions you will not be able to ask for a refund.

CustomLogoDesignUSA obtain all the design rights right after we issue a refund and now you cannot display any custom logo design option designed by our company. You should also be aware of the fact that due to the transfer of design rights to CustomLogoDesignUSA you agree that you don’t have any direct or indirect right to use any content provided by our company.

Privacy Policy Changes Notification

Whenever we change our privacy policy, we send notifications to our clients to make them aware of the information we are collecting, how are we using your information and when can we disclose it.
All the rights are reserved by CustomLogoDesignUSA to modify its privacy policy at any time without prior notice. So, we request you to check back often and to frequently review this privacy statement.

Legal Disclaimer

All the rights are reserved by CustomLogoDesignUSA to disclose a customer’s personal information to law if it requires or when we have to believe that now the protection of our rights comply with a judicial proceeding.

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