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Web Design, Development, Customization & Maintenance Services

Nowadays, getting a website made is an important choice that lots of tiny and also large companies have to make each and every single day. Many organizations recognize that a reliable website design will certainly expand their client base as well as increase the total sales. By complying with a couple of simple web design ideas your website layout could be used as an efficient sales device in the growth of your business.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website that automatically resize, shrink, or enlarge accordign to Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile screens. Usage of mobile and tablets is increasing dramatically, so a website should be adaptive that can entertain all the visitors whatever device they are using.

Our Process

Professional websites add great values to the business.



Online Marketing

Simple and User-Friendly

At a look visitors to your site should quickly be able to recognize the content function of your website. This is achieved by ensuring that the website design is as easy and also as uncluttered as feasible. Attempt not also over problem your site visitors by including way too much information and excessive little text. Simple, clear indication uploading and also navigation systems will certainly aid your website visitors and also enhance their encounter which can lead to longer remains as well as more calls.

Website Frontend (Responsive)

Mobile & Tablet Ready, W3c Valid







Color Scheme

If you limit the amount of colors your web design uses the last layout might be more with each other and expert looking. A typical color scheme is to use a single color plus white, black and shades of grey (not 50 tones). Many sites obtain their color scheme from their logo, remaining regular gives the visitor with a much more robust experience assists keep the general look of the internet website.

Content Management System (CMS)

Fully dynamic, backend controlled & easy to update





WordPress the most famous, flexible and easy to use CMS

In recent times WordPress has been emerging as a best solution of fast and effective development of websites. But still it needs an intelligent and highly skilled web developer who should have excelled over the use of this extra ordinary designing and development tool. This tool is as good for creation of a blog as for a website. If applied efficiently, a master piece website can be created in relatively shorter period of time by WordPress than any other.

WordPress Services

We are proud to tell you that we have the most talented and experienced WordPress developers in our team. Our developers have full command over custom WordPress coding.  We also provide services like Theme Installation and Customization. Our designers and developers can create the most appropriate and suited design according the requirements of your work or business. We assure you that you will be getting a boost in visits on your web page which will ultimately lead towards growth of your business.

At Custom Logo Design, we can offer some highly responsive websites. We always try to deliver and map a handy and user friendly webpage. Especially, for marketing purposes so the user can reach at the desired information easily. We assure you that you will be highly satisfied by our work. Our charges are never on the higher sides and will not put any sort of burden on your business. Infect, it will start showing positive signs.

We make Secure websites

Once a website is launched it truly becomes identity of a business and it is always essential to ensure the security not to be nullified by any hacker or a malware. For this purpose it is important to tackle this issue with highly professional approach. A proficient WordPress web designing company can do the job for you. As the website is known as the face of your business so you must be very careful to safeguard this important component.

We are confident while telling you that we are providing refillable security services which can ensure the integrity of your website. Our experts are fully aware of the latest techniques and development in this regard and can save your essential webpage from any sort of malware and hacker attack.

WordPress is usually known as a less safe way to have a website developed. This concept is not true and if designed in specialized way and according to the SOPs, the security of WordPress can be made as safe as anything. We are currently providing this service for many of our clients and making them satisfied. We provide a wholesome package for your WordPress website which includes installation of firewall, security of database and files and removal of all malwares.

E-Commerce Websites (Online Store)

Sell Products Online and Boost your Revenue







Easy to Navigate

If your internet site has a great deal of content split right into many groups, clear and transparent navigation is an outright must. You must also think of adding a detailed sitemap. It’s essential that your visitors can easily access your content in as few clicks as possible. Lots of internet sites additionally show their navigation systems in the sidebar as well as at the end of the website.

Top Quality Content

Attempt to guarantee all your pictures are of the very best high quality feasible as well as your videos of the greatest resolution feasible. If you can, attempt not to utilize too many effect stuffed graphics as they could distract the visitor from the pertinent info you carry the web page. They also add to the time it takes your web pages to lots.

Develop One-of-a-kind, Top quality Content. When you’re totally pleased that your last web design is looking sharp, organized and completely professional, it is necessary making ensure your content is absolutely one-of-a-kind, key words optimized, stylish and also meaningful. Recognizing your audience and also a strong understanding of your business might aid establish the tone for your material.

Sharp Delivery

Most Affordable

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Website Maintenance Services

As the fashion gets a sudden change in the modern world so as the website designs which are improving by the use of different modern techniques. It is a fact that a website only remain among highly ranked ones if it keeps providing a fresh look to the visitors. Otherwise, it may get some lost in attention or the number of visits or frequency. Only a skilled web designer can do this special task for you in a way to re-design your page while also keeping its original looks.

Website Maintenance

We are proud to tell you that we have a team of web designers which are known as the master of web designing art. We are already providing web maintenance services for many of our permanent clients and making them satisfied as their website rankings are getting improvements in terms of visits and business in larger terms.

Our experts can work on HTML, PHP, WordPress and many other CMSs(Content Management Systems). We assure you that we do have the capability to make you satisfied by the quality of our work. All you need is to send the updates and we will deliver you that in most innovative way by the use of best of our skills. We always keep our clients in loop while every stage of designing and development so the end product does appears as the wishes of our respected clients.

Want to Change Your Hosting?

If your current web hosting service is not giving you what exactly you are looking for, we at Custom Logo Design USA, assure you that we have the skills and determination of work which can change any idea for web design into a reality. We are currently providing hosting services for many successful entrepreneurs including online stores and corporate websites.

Just to an overview of our web maintenance work, we provide services Like:

  • Addition of new pages on your website
  • New functions
  • New themes, Logo re-designing
  • Addition through blogs and forums.
  • Any change in sliders and images.
  • Addition or creation of new content.
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