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Terms and Conditions

We request you to read all the terms thoroughly, it will help us to have a long term professional relationship and avoid perplexity in future. We hope that you will find all logo design terms very easy to understand.

Our Policy for Revisions

We guarantee unlimited revisions to our customers since we are happy to serve you in the best way possible. Without asking for any additional charges, we will follow your instructions and modify your custom logo design until you are 100% satisfied.

Our Policy to Issue a Refund

CustomLogoDesignUSA gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee to eliminate the risk of getting a low quality product and secures you to ask for a refund if for any reason, you think the design is not as good as you have expected. We provide unlimited revisions in all our custom logo design packages, so that you can ask us to modify your logo design as per your instructions.
After getting the first logo design options, if you think that the logo design is not meeting your requirements, you can ask us for refund.

Note: After a month or in case of feedbacks and revisions you will not be able to ask for a refund.

CustomLogoDesignUSA obtain all the design rights right after we issue a refund and now you cannot display any custom logo design option designed by our company. You should also be aware of the fact that due to the transfer of design rights to CustomLogoDesignUSA you agree that you don’t have any direct or indirect right to use any content provided by our company.

Our Policy for Quality Assurance

Our aim is to provide you maximum satisfaction from the quality of our custom logo design. Your custom logo design travels department to department inside our company regularly grooming in the hands of our experts and finally reaches the elegance assurance department. The elegance assurance department gives reports to the administration about the quality of work being delivered to the clients. It helps us motivating our logo design experts by issuing bonuses and also to keep an eye on what level of quality we are delivering. So, the quality level of CustomLogoDesignUSA is being investigated at every step.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our business depends on your satisfaction. We believe that our company’s satisfied and happy customers are the best advertisement for us. This is the reason why our customers keep us so busy. If you have decided to choose us, we are going to assist you until you are fully satisfied with your logo design.

Our Policy for Logo Design Delivery

We deliver all your custom logo design final files via email within 2 days of receiving your order. Our “You Attitude” make us stand out since, we don’t ask our customers to pay anything extra for rush delivery within 24 hours.

Any Change after final files

In case of any additional changes after final files we will charge for this according to nature of work.

Our Policy of Record Maintenance

We keep records of all our customers so in case you have lost your custom logo design final files, you can make us a request to obtain your logo design final files at anytime again in future. We never erase your information from our system and keep all your finalized logo design files.

Our Policy of Delivery Time

The delivery time is mentioned on all the packages according to the work involved, but if there is any delay due to customer’s unresponsiveness or the time taken by fixes and modifications then the delivery will take longer than normal.

Our Policy about Logo Design Copyrights

Before you request final files of the logo design option that you have chosen, CustomLogoDesignUSA retains the rights of all logo design options. You reserve all the rights of the logo design option that you have chosen and collected the final files of.

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